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Rosenmund, .25 sq.meter, agitated filter dryer, Hast.C276 surf, 40 gal.vessel, 19.9 gal.cake, NB 23177, 1992, #41548

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One (1) used .25 sq meter Rosenmund agitated nutsche filter dryer, hastelloy C276 product contact surfaces, 40 gallon vessel volume, 19.9 gallon cake capacity, 21" diameter filter plate, rated 90 psi and full vacuum at 350 f internal, 316L stainless steel body jacket rated 90 psi and full vacuum at 350 f, 316L stainless steel filter plate jacket rated 90 psi and full vacuum at 350 f, two wing"S" agitator blade with lantern ring seal, hydraulically operated agitator with 7.5, 230/460 volt, explosion proof on board power pack, side discharge with 6" diameter manually operated plug valve, 3" sight glass on discharge port, 3" top sight glass, (6)1" top nozzles, 1" bottom filtrate outlet, .5" jacket connections, unit is skid mounted with power pack, vessel certified by Gaston County, serial# F80961A-492-1, national board# 23177, Rosenmund serial# RLF .25-691-92, new 1992.