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88 Ton, Komatsu #OBS80-3, 5.1" str, 19.3" SH, 23" x39" bed, 37-75 SPM, 10 HP, 1995, #17198

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88 Ton, Komatsu #OBS80-3, 5.1" str, 19.3" SH, 23" x39" bed, 37-75 SPM, 10 HP, 1995, #17198
stock number 17198
88 Ton Komatsu Model OBS80-3 Geared Design Gap Frame Press

Serial # 13879
Year of Manufacture 1995

Capacity 88 ton
Stroke 5.1 in
Shut Height (SDAU) Over Bed 19.3 in
Shut Height Over Bolster 13.7 in
Slide Adjustment 3.1 in
Bed Area LR x FB 39.4 in x 23.6 in
Slide Area (Face Area, T-Slotted) LR x FB 21.5 in x 17.6 in
Opening thru Back 25.8 in
Throat Depth 12.6 in
Distance Bed To Floor 29.9 in
Speeds Variable 37 to 75 spm
Main Drive Motor 10 HP A.C.

Approx. Machine Dimensions 55 in x 72 in x 115 in
Approx. Machine Weight 17,700 lb

Pneumatic Wet Clutch and Brake with Selector Controls
Arranged for Knockout L-R

Equipped With:
Hydraulic Overload Protection
T-Slotted Bolster Plate ( 5.5 in Thick)
Automatic Lubrication System
Electronic Stroke Position Indicator
Electronic Vari-Speed
Electrical Controls
Dual Palm Button Operation (Pedestal Mounted)
Light Curtain, As Is

Options on This Machine
Available at additional cost
Options To Include Servo Feed Line,
Consisting of:
12" Cooper Weymouth Servomatic Servo Press Feed
Model #SM12
Maximum Width 12 in
Feed Length to 999 in
Maximum Stock Thickness .078 in
Cooper Weymouth Combination Coil Straightener & Reel
Model #12CRS
Maximum Coil Weight 3,000 Lbs.
Maximum Coil O.D. 52 in
Mandrel Expansion Range 15.5 in to 20.5 in
Maximum Stock Width 12 in
Stock Thickness .010 in to .078 in

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