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4000 Amps, Square D, NW40H3, Masterpact, YA6KKR44A3SFFFXSJA, Electrically operated, Drawout, new surplus

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4000 Amps, Square D, NW40H3, Masterpact, YA6KKR44A3SFFFXSJA, Electrically operated, Drawout, new surplus
Accessories we typically have in stock for Masterpact NW Breakers:

S33659 24VAC Shunt Trip
S33661 120VAC Shunt Trip
S33670 120VAC Under Voltage Release
S47395 100/130 VAC Spring Charging Motor
S33542 Type R Rating Plug
S33542 Type T Rating Plug
S48818 Type A Rating Plug
S48819 Type B Rating Plug
S33101 12-Pin Trip Unit Connector
S33093 1000A Sensor Plug
S33824 1200A Sensor Plug
S33095 1600A Sensor Plug
S33982 2000A Sensor Plug
S48825 3000A Sensor Plug
S47820 4000A Sensor Plug
S48469 Ready to close contact
S48526 100-130V Spring Charging Motor
S47038 6 Cluster Support
S47040 10 Cluster Support
S131A Micrologic 3.0 Trip Unit
S143A Micrologic 5.0A Trip Unit
S144A Micrologic 6.0A Trip Unit
S163A Micrologic 5.0P Trip Unit
S164A Micrologic 6.0P Trip Unit
NW08N1      NW16N1      NW20N1      NW32N1      NW40N1      NW50N1
NW08NA      NW16NA      NW20NA      NW32NA      NW40NA      NW50NA
NW08HA      NW16HA      NW20HA      NW32HA      NW40HA      NW50HA
NW08HF      NW16HF      NW20HF      NW32HF      NW40HF      NW50HF
NW08H1      NW16H1      NW20H1      NW32H1      NW40H1      NW50H1
NW08H2      NW16H2      NW20H2      NW32H2      NW40H2      NW50H2
NW08H3      NW16H3      NW20H3      NW32H3      NW40H3      NW50H3
NW08L1      NW16L1      NW20L1      NW32L1      NW40L1      NW50L1
NW08L1F      NW16L1F      NW20L1F      NW32L1F      NW40L1F      NW50L1F
NW08HC      NW16HC      NW20HC      NW32HC      NW40HC      NW50HC
NW08N      NW16N      NW20N      NW25N      NW30N      NW40N      NW50N      NW60N
NW08H      NW16H      NW20H      NW25H      NW30H      NW40H      NW50H      NW60H
NW08HF      NW16HF      NW20HF      NW25HF      NW30HF      NW40HF      NW50HF      NW60HF
NW08HB      NW16HB      NW20HB      NW25HB      NW30HB      NW40HB      NW50HB      NW60HB
NW08L      NW16L      NW20L      NW25L      NW30L      NW40L      NW50L      NW60L
NW08L1      NW16L1      NW20L1      NW25L1      NW30L1      NW40L1      NW50L1      NW60L1
NW08LF      NW16LF      NW20LF      NW25LF      NW30LF      NW40LF      NW50LF      NW60LF

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