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BCP blast machine, 2-wheel spinner hanger type, #12270

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BCP blast machine, 2-wheel spinner hanger type, #12270
PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $25,000.00

Stock # 12270
Serial # 1183 New April 1989 Model: 2-Wheel Spinner Hanger Type

(2) 15" HP Blasting Wheel Motors, 3600 RPM
(2) Manufacturers Manual with Parts, Operation and Schematics
Replaceable Cabinet Liners
Dual Filter Dust Collector System
Shot Elevator System
Front Swing Open Style Door, Operated Via Air Cylinder
Pneumatic Door Closer Clamps (Lower Clamp Needs Replaced)
Blasting Heads: 15" Diameter, 12 Blade, 37" C/C
Compressed Air Required for Machine Operation
Spinner Speed: 7 RPM
(2) Custom Made Parts Hanger Racks
Maximum Part Swing: 26-1/2" Diameter x 36" Long
Free Standing Electrical Control Panel
Digital Cycle Timer
AC Ampere Gage for Each Blast Head
Elevator System Removed for Shipping
Machine is in Good Condition, As Taken From Service
3 HP Dust Collector Motor
2 HP Shot Elevator Motor
1/2 HP Parts Spinner Motor
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 230/460 Volts
Presently Wired for 460 Volt Operation

Overall Size of Parts for Trucking:
Main Machine: 58" L-R x 65" F-B x 95-1/2" High x 4,050 Lbs.
Elevator Piece: 27" x 35" x 58" x Estimated 1,000 Lbs.
Control Panel: 24" x 39" x 83" High x Estimated 400 Lbs. (Can be Laid Over)