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Maag #SH-250, 100" max. OD, 27" max. stroke, 2-Axis CNC, exc., rebuilt & recontrolled 2008

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Maag #SH-250, 100" max. OD, 27" max. stroke, 2-Axis CNC, exc., rebuilt & recontrolled 2008
Major Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic:
* Overhaul in 2008
* Hard Cut Capabilities for Induction
* Hardened/Carbonized Gears/Pinions
* CNC Controller for Ram/Column
* New Hydraulic Pumps
* Cuts Helical, Spur, and Internal Gears
* Complete set of index and feed gears
* New Ram Motor Siemens 1PH7 71kW 40m/min
* New Column Servo Motor Siemens 1FK7 48Nm 2m/min
* 12 Operating Modes:
* Single Tooth Generating,
* Rack Generating,
* External Plunge Cutting,
* Internal Plunge Cutting,
* Internal Generating, with/without Load Relief

* Max. ram stroke      700mm
* Min. ram stroke      70mm
* Top and Bottom Overrun of Cutter      20 to 35mm
* Ram Speed, Cutting and Return      4 to 40m/min
* Max. Generating Path of Work Table      1100mm
* Diameter of Indexing Worm Gear      1116mm
* Diameter of Work Table Bore      420mm
* Max. Work Table Bore Shaft Length      1200mm
* Max. Total Weight of Work and Fixture      15000kg
* Top Face of Work Table Above Machine Base      1250mm
* Generating Feed (No. of Ram Strokes per Pitch)      8 to 150
* Carriage Infeed per Stroke for Plunge Cutting      0.01 to 0.5mm
* Cutter Holder Slot (LxWxD)      286x50x67mm
* Max. Cutter Length      312mm
* Max. Module with Rack Type Cutter      30
* Min. Module with Rack Type Cutter      2
* Module with Single Tooth Cutter      50
* Max. Number of teeth      1000
Min. Number of teeth      12
Max. Helix Angle unlimited
Max. Tip Circle Diameter (Spur Gears)      2500mm
Min. Tip Circle Diameter (Spur Gears)      200mm
Max. Face width      660mm

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