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RP/Stanko #48-8, remanufactured gear shaper, Fanuc 18i 3-Axis, 40" /48" diameter , 2 DP, 2010

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RP/Stanko #48-8, remanufactured gear shaper, Fanuc 18i 3-Axis, 40" /48" diameter , 2 DP, 2010
Max. Internal Diameter (w/8" Diam. Cutter) 48"
Min. Internal Diameter
Max. External Diameter (w/6" Diam. Cutter) 40"
Max. Part Diameter Swing 70"
Max. Throat Distance 19"
Max. Pitch 2 DP
Stroke Length 8"
Max. Clearance (from top of table to bottom of cutter spindle) 24"
Table Diameter 40"
Table Bore 4-5/8"
Cutter Spindle Diameter 5-1/8''
Cutter Spindle Speeds 0-180 RPM
Machine Weight 30,000 lbs.
Floor Space, Approx. 6'x 14'x 10' High

Standard Mechanical Equipment:
* Fanuc 18i Model B CNC 3-Axis execution (infeed, cutter rotation, work rotation)
* Standard spur guide
* 30 HP AC main drive stroking motor
* New ballscrew infeed system on X-Axis
* 1 Back off cam for cutter spindle
* 1 Standard cutter adaptor
* Splash guarding
* Magnetic chip conveyor
* Standard R. P. Silver/White on Blue
* Centralized auto lube
* Coolant sump in base
* 2 sets documentation (hydraulic, electrical, and operator)

Control Features:
* C-Axis work table rotation (no change gears required)
* X-Axis work table infeed
* B-Axis cutter spindle rotation
* Custom Macro screens for easy conversational programming
* Cutter at top feature
* One to five cuts can be selected
* Segment cutting
* Single index and/or slot cutting
* Sizing cycle is used to make corrections to the size of a part without running through a complete multi cut cycle
* Part programs can be stored in nonvolatile memory with up to 15 character part numbers.
* RS-232, S Ram, and Ethernet communication ports (S Ram card included)

Hydraulic System:
* New high quality hydraulic system designed by R. P. Machine
utilizing Vickers Hydraulic valves and components.

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