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Fellows #10-4, remanufactured 3-Axis CNC gear shaper, 10" pitch diameter, 4" face, 4 DP, 2017

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: fellows
Model: 104
Stock #: 2123

Dealer Information
R.P. Machine Enterprises Inc logo
R.P. Machine Enterprises Inc
860 Connor St
Statesville, NC 28677-5616
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Contact: Mitch Springer
Tel: 866-726-0977
Fax: 704-872-5777
Gold Level Dealer Since 1997

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Detailed Product Description

Machine Specifications:
Max pitch diameter (External) 10"
Max pitch diameter (Internal) 10"
Max face width, external & internal 4"
Max diametrical pitch spur 4 DP
Max diametrical pitch helical 5 DP
Bore through work spindle 5.875"
Cutter spindle diameter 3.543"
Max helix angle with special guides 45 deg.
Distance between work table & cutter spindle (w/no riser) 10"
Max. OD of fixture 19"
Dimensions (L x H x W) 91"x 97"x 60"
Machine net weight, approx. 13,000 lbs.

Equipment Features:
* Fanuc 16i Model B 3-axis control
* 20 HP spindle motor with programmable AC variable drive to control stroking speed
* Stroking speeds from 50-900 other SPM available upon request
* Standard spur guide. (Helical guides available)
* New X axis infeed system
* X axis absolute scale
* 1 Cutter spindle back off cam
* Remanufactured table group and upper saddle assembly
* X-Axis box ways reground and fitted
* Machine comes as a complete unit and requires minimal setup
* Work table surface reground
* New electrical cabinet with air conditioning system
* Half cabin enclosure with door safety locking system
* 1HP coolant pump
* Removable chip basket
* 1- set documentation (hydraulic, electrical, mechanical)

Control Features:
* C-Axis work table rotation (no change gears required)
* X-Axis work table infeed
* B-Axis cutter spindle rotation
* Cutter at top feature
* Custom Macro screens for easy conversational programming
* One to five cuts can be selected
* Segment cutting
* Single index and/or slot cutting
* Sizing cycle feature used to make corrections to the size of a part without running through a complete multi cut cycle
* Part programs can be stored in nonvolatile memory with up to 15 characters
* RS-232, S Ram, and Ethernet communication ports

Hydraulic System:
* Integral to the machine providing lubrication and pressures for tailstock and work clamping if required
* Trabon lubrication system with feedback sensors for lube pulse monitoring

* Machine to be painted to customers specifications not to exceed 2 colors
* Standard R.P. Silver/White on Blue