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Jetline Engineering #CS3-15ZV, plasma vertical seam welder, power supply, shear

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Jetline
Model: CS3-15ZV
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Dealer Information
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TNT Industrial
2350 E Curry St.
Long Beach, CA 90805

Contact: Jim Thinnsen
Tel: 714-612-1480
Fax: 714-242-1565
Gold Level Dealer Since 2007

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Detailed Product Description

Jetline Engeneering CS3-15ZV
Plasma Vertical Seam Welder W/ Ultima 150 with shear in very good condition, these machines where used in the manufacturing of solar panels welding spools of stainless steel together so as not to shut down the assembly line. With the Ultima 150 and a handheld torch head assembly the unit could also be used freehand.

The full list of reasons for using the plasma welding process is lengthy but can be summarized into three main features where customers desire the advantages of at least one feature.

Precision: The plasma process is generally more precise than conventional Tig (remember that enhanced power supplies can create an arc that is different to a conventional Tig arc) Plasma offers the following advantages over conventional Tig:

Stable, concentrated arc
Forgiveness in arc length variations (Tig  /- 5%, Plasma  /- 15%)

Small Part Welding:
Low amperage capability (many plasma power supplies go down to .1 amps)
Stable at low amps
Gentle arc transfer (arc start) with no high frequency noise.
Short weld times possible (for spot welds - guidewires, tubes etc.)

High Production Welding:
Long electrode life offers many more hours of welding than Tig before electrode contamination occurs.

In many applications, many of the unique advantages of plasma combine to benefit the overall welding process.