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National #84, hi-speed 4 die cold nut former, 330 ppm, bushing cut-off, PKO, '88, #10414

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National Model 84 High Speed 4 Die Cold Nut Former

Inventory ID: 10414
Year of Manufacture: 1988
Specifications: One Used National Model 84 High Speed 4 Die Cold Nut Former, Serial No 28762, Mfg. 1988

13.5mm Cutoff Diameter 600N/mm2

6/14mm Minimum/Maximum Cutoff Length

17mm KO Stroke

15mm PKO Stroke

M8 Nut Size

14mm Across Flats

330 Pieces per Minute

750 Kn Forge Tonnage

Equipped with: Bushing Cutoff and PKO

22Kw AC Motor and Controls

Weight - 33,000 Lbs.

Located - FOB Bridgeport, CT Warehouse