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Comadis #150U, tube filling line, complete, for plastic & metal tubes, to 150 tubes/min, incl.chiller, 1996, #41343

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One (1) used Comadis tube filling line consisting of: One (1) used Comadis tube filler, model 150U, set up for both plastic and metal tubes, speeds up to 150 tubes/minute, 10-50 mm tube diameter range, 60-250 mm tube lenght, 2-250 ml fill volume, serial# 2C, new 1995, One (1) Famar horizontal cartoner, model A3, speeds up to 300 cartons/minute, GUK leaflet inserter, 25 mm wide x 12 mm high x 70 mm long minimum carton size to 100 mm wide x 70 mm high x 200 mm long maximum carton size, serial# 487560000896, new 1996, One (1) Thermo Fisher chiller, serial# 108091030.