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BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, CNC (Including Vertical Lathes- VTL & Vertical Turning Centers)

Mag #VTC1000, CNC VTL, live tools, 18 position ATC, 39" chuck, C-Axis, GE Fanuc 310i control, 2009

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Mag #VTC1000, CNC VTL, live tools, 18 position ATC, 39" chuck, C-Axis, GE Fanuc 310i control, 2009
Specifications:      Maximum Swing      51.18"
      Maximum Facing Capacity      51.18"
Rail:      Fixed Rail Height      66.14"
      Fixed max. height - top of spindle nose to bottom of ram      66.14"
Table Base:      Two speed table drive transmission      4.00:1 gear ratio
      AC dual drive motors      Siemsns
      Driving power (S6-40 rating)      112 hp
      Driving power (continuous rating)      75 hp
      Table/Chuck speed - infiintely variable      1 - 630 rpm
      Low range      1 - 157 rpm
      High range      1 - 630 rpm
      Constant torque      17,113 Nm
      Low range      1 - 31 rpm
      High range      1 - 125 rpm
      Table load capacity      16,500 lbs
Ram Travel:      Vertical ram travel - Z Axis      49.41"
      Horizontal ram travel X Axis      
      Right of center ( X Axis)      33.07"
      Left of center (-X Axis)      14.57"
Tooling Interface:      Tool shank taper      2:1 taper
      WedgeLock clamping      19,000 Lbs
      Gauge diameter      6.3"
Table/Chuck Size:      Plain table      39.37"
      with parallel T-slots and (12) radial T-slots      
      Table prepared to accept four (4) boring mill jaws      
      Pilot bore diameter      7.87"
      Maximum speed      630 rpm
      Fixed rail height reduced by table thickness      5.67"
Live Spindle:      AC drive motor (S6-40%)      44 hp
      AC drive motor (continuous)      29 hp
      Spindle speed      4,000 rpm
      Live spindle tooling taper      Kennametal KM80
C-Axis:      Number of position      360,000
      Rapid traverse rate      20 rpm
      Torque available      7,800 Nm
      Positioning accuracy      10 arc sec
      Positioning repeatability      5 arc sec
ATC:      Automatic tool changer (w/live spindle)      18 pockets
      WedgeLock taper pockets      2
      Live spindle attachment pocket      1
      KM80 modular tool pockets      15
      WedgeLock to KM80 clamping unit for modular tools      1
      WedgeLock tool pocket capacities      
      * Maximum tool width      13.39"
      * Left and right of center      6.69"
      * Maximum tool thickness/diameter (adj. pocket full)      5.91"
      * Maximum tol weight      253 Lbs
      * Maximum disk weight capacity      3300 Lbs
      KM Modular tool pocket capacities      
      * Maximum tool diameter      4.72"
      * Maximum tool length      19.68"
      * Maximum tool weight      40 Lbs
Coolant System:      Coolant tank capacity      127 gallons
      Filtration system (bag filter)      50 micron
      Coolant through the nozzles and live spindle      8 gpm
Dimensions:      Length (X axis)      175.23"
      Depth      165.35"
      Height (Z axis)      196.85"
      Weight      55,000 Lbs
Ram Head:      Ram Size      9.84" x 9.84"
Feeds & Speeds:      Rapid traverse rate (X & Z axes)      787 ipm
      Feedrates per minute infinitely variable (X & Z axes)      .004 - 787 ipm
      Feed thrust available (X & Z axes down)      7600 Lbs
      Feed thrust available (Z axis up)      5000 Lbs

Equipped With:      GE Fanuc 310i Control
      15" color LCD
      Ramote Pendant with MPG
      * Axis selection
      * Incremental amount
      * Manual pulse generator
      * 78.74" of cable
      5120 meters of part program storage
      1000 stored part programs
      Background editing
      G code system 'C'
      Helical interpolation
      Cylindrical interpolation
      Polar coordinate interpolation
      Thread cutting & feed per revolution
      64 tool offsets
      Tool nose radius compensation
      Spindle orientation (programmable)
      Table orientation (programmable)
      Live spindle orientation (programmable)
      Work coordinate system
      Canned cycles for drilling
      Rigid tapping
      Tool retract and return with Ret. For rigid tapping
      Custom macros & variables (600 total common)
      Programmable inch / metric
      Programmable data input
      Stored pitch error
      Interpolation pitch error
      Distance coded linear scale
      dual position feedback
      Control axis detach
      Constant surface speed
      Two speed gearbox
      Coolant through the spindle
      Renishaw HPMA tool probe (high precision motorized arm)
      One (1) RP3 probe head
      One (1) TS13 machine interface unit
      Two (2) 50 mm cube styli
      Part probe (radio transmission) consisting of:
      * One (1) probe arbor (KM80)
      * One (1) RMP60M module
      * One (1) L100 extention
      * One (1) probe (head) module
      * Two (2) 100 mm styli
      * One (1) RM1 interface receiver
      Chip conveyor system
      Full enclosure to contain the coolant and swarf inside the machine
      Energy efficient work light
      Remote handle operator station
      Diameter programming format
      Mechanical service manual
      Electrical service manual
      Operator manuals
      Mechanical and electrical prints
      Linear scales on X and Z axes
Note:      The enclosure roof will open for crane access
      No special foundation is required for this machine. For maximum machine
      utilization a 31.5" thick slab constructed of reinforced concrete is required.
      Consult factory for soil bearing capacity requirements.
      860 'On Time' hours - Currently running one shift
      Installed in December of 2009

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