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ABB 6600 M2000 175 Robot Cell Torque Laser Vision, clean

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ABB 6600 M2000 175 Robot Cell Torque Laser Vision, clean
ABB iRB 6600 M2000,
Controller, Teach Pendant & Cables
Complete Cell
Torque Application, Vision, Laser (Sick)Scanner System
Loaded With Extra's
Manuals, Backup cd
Operating Literature.
175 Payload 2.55 Reach
Professionally De-Assembled
Came out of auto production environment. A  Condition.
Cell Details

ABB iRB 6600 M2000 175/2.55
The robot station is equipped with a ABB 6600 M2000 robot, torque four cylinder head bolts on two heads per engine as they are brought into the station
on the plant J hook system. The nutrunners are comprised of a Ingersoll-Rand INSIGHT control unit and DC brushless motors.
Once the J hook and engine are in position, the robot moves to a position and takes a snapshot of the part. The DVT vision system uses the snapshot view of the part
and the location is processed. An offset dimension is determined and the robot moves the nutrunner to position and the fastening cycle is started. When the
fastening cycle is complete, the robot moves to the second head and repeats the same sequence. When complete the robot moves to its home position, the J hook
locator lowers and the part is released from the station.
Vision System
The DVT vision system is supplied to aid in locating the 4 spindle nutrunner accurately to torque the
head bolts. Part # DVT 530M Smartimage Sensor
Operator Control Panel
The station functions are controlled and monitored by the operator control panel mounted on the robot enclosure. The control panel contains a PanelView 1000
display terminal with touch screen function keys. The on screen buttons are used to select the operating screens, cycle the station, view alarms, reset faults and perform diagnostics.
Laser / Sick Proximity Scanner / Light Screen
The station is equipped with a light curtain and two scanners to protect operators
from potential machine hazards. The Sti light curtain consists of a receiver unit
and a transmitter unit. A pulsed sequence of light beams is sent from transmitter
to receiver to provide a nearly continuous light across the guarded area.
Machine (robot) motions are automatically shutdown whenever the light beam is
interrupted. Two floor mounted pulsed laser scanners by Sick send out a pattern
of beams and when an object is detected an E-STOP is created.
The Sti MicroSafe MC4700 Series light screen is used to monitor the opening in the guarding.
End of Arm Tooling
The end of arm tooling is designed to torque four cylinder head fasteners.
The end of arm tooling is comprised of a 4 spindle Nutrunner with a DVT
vision system. The DC motors are provided by Ingersoll-Rand.
Insight Panel
The Insight torque control panel operates the four robot mounted spindles.
Stack Light
The station has two stack lights, one on the panel and a second on the remote box.
Each stack has three color signal lights for indicating station status and an audible

Safety guards come to ensure protection for personnel directly involved in the
operation of this system.Guarding openings provide access to the enclosed area. The openings are
equipped with light screens.

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