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630 Ton, Schmid #HSR630, fine blanking press line, serial #43603, 1981, #4703

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630 Ton, Schmid #HSR630, fine blanking press line, serial #43603, 1981, #4703
Manufacturer: Schmid
Model: HSR 630
S/N: 43603
Year: 1981

Tonnage      630
Total Force      6300 kN
V-Ring Force      3000 kN (Max)
Counter Force      1400 kN (Max)
Number Of Strokes Per Minute Unloaded      40
Working Stroke      40-30 MM
V-Ring Stroke      40 MM
Counter Stroke      40 MM
Cutting      10-30 MM/S
Fast Approach      150 MMS
Return      20 MM/S
Total Clamping Area      1150 MM x 1300 MM (Max)
Press Window Side      550 MM
Feed Force Per Feeder      10 kM
Clamping Force Of Sliding Gripper      20 kN
Clamping Force Of Stationary Gripper      10 kN
Strip Width/Thickness      520 MM x 20 MM (Max
Pitch (Double-Pitches Possible)      0-400- MM (Max)
Cutting Force Of Scrap Chopper      660 kN
Machine Weight      80,000 Lbs.

Equipped With:
HR 12H Coil Cradle/Straightener

Location: Pontiac, MI

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