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3-1/2" Trennjaeger #ST-251, cold saw, manual, heavy duty

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3-1/2" Trennjaeger #ST-251, cold saw, manual, heavy duty
Model ST 251

The ST 251 is designed for precision straight and mitre cutting and slotting of angles, channels, H-beams, solids and tubing.

      Blade 275mm (11in ”) Segmental      
Sections: 4-1/2in ” x 2-1/2in ” at 90 º.
      Rounds: 3-1/2in ” at 90 º.

Standard Accessories:
•      Well designed and stable machine stand with ventilators, foundation bars, door for clip drawer and coolant device.
•      High quality spur-gear box with tempered helical gears (totally enclosed). Gear box has a square guide housing and vibration resistant, backlash-free adjustment and full length grease pocket.
•      Solid high tensile strength base plate and swivel plate of Meehanite cast iron, with chip pit and coolant ports.
•      Cutting head feed by means of a hand lever with hardened rack & pinion, and quickly adjustable spring tension for easy control.
•      Adjustable depth of cut stop.
•      Powerful 2HP, 220 / 440, 3 phase motor with overload switch.
•      Variable drive for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
•      Quickly adjustable stops for 45 º mitre cutting.
•      Machine cutting head adjustable from 0 º to 45 º to 90 º for pipe slitting purposes.
•      Thermo-magnetic motor protection switch.
•      Complete coolant device with coolant pump. Coolant pump motor overload protected.

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