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TBT/Nagel, 1.18" drill, 19.68" travel, 8000 RPM, BTA or gun drilling capable, 1986

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TBT/Nagel, 1.18" drill, 19.68" travel, 8000 RPM, BTA or gun drilling capable, 1986
1.25" x 20" TBT/Nagel Model T30-500 Precision BTA Drilling/Gun Drilling Deep Hole Drilling Machine

S/N: 416.314-180                  New: 1986

Selector For BTA Drilling Or Gun Drilling. High Pressure Coolant System With Refrigeration. Hydraulic Workend Support. Work Loading Device With Discharge Chute. Magnetic Chip Conveyor. Automatic Lubrication. Variable Speed Pump Control. Spindle Speed Selector. Coolant Pressure Gauge For The Tool And Removal Of Chips. Indictors For Feed Force, Power And Spindle RPM. Indicator Lights For Feed Force Too High, Motor Load Too High, Pressure Overload Tool, Pressure Overload Removal Of Chips, Machine Ready, Lubrication Fault, Failure Coolant, Coolant Temperature Too High And Failure Of Hydraulic Filter. Manuals And Drawings.

Drilling range in steel max. capacity 15-30mm / .59" - 1.18"
Travel of slide 500 mm /19.68"
Spindle speeds 2000/8000 RPM
Spindle drive 18 kW/24 HP
Feed range (variable) 0-500 mm/min / 0-19.688 IPM
Rapid traverse rate 5 m/min / 196.8 IPM
Table size (T-slotted) 420mmx1030mm / 16.53" x 40.55"
Coolant tank capacity maximum 1644 ltr / 434 gallons
Coolant tank capacity minimum 1268 ltr / 334.75 gallons
Coolant flow rate 100 ltr/min / 26.4 GPM
Coolant pump 11 kW / 15 HP
Circulation pump 3 kW / 4 HP
Approximate weight of the deep hole drill 3000 kg/6650 lbs
Approximate weight of the high pressure coolant system (drained) 1000 kg/2200 lbs

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