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Toshiba #KRTC-11A, rotary surface, 42" chuck, 50 HP, EMC, seg.whl, coolant, 1978, #146270

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Toshiba/Shibaura (Made in Japan) High Precision Rotary Surface Grinder
Model: KRTC-11A S/N: 446 New: 1978
Table Diameter: 42.5"
Maximum Swing: 45"
Maximum Work Height Under New Wheel: 13"
Grinding Wheel Diameter: 22"
Grinding Wheel Speed: 700 Rpm
Spindle Drive Motor: 50 H.P.
Table Speeds: 10, 15, 20, 30 Rpm
Equipped With:
Vertical Spindle
Automatic Downfeed of the Grinding Wheel
22" Segmented Grinding Wheel
Power Elevation To Wheelhead Power Table Traverse
Wheel Dresser
42" Electro-Magnetic Chuck With Neutrofier Chuck Control
Self-Contained Coolant System & Wheel Guards
125" L-R X 68" F-B X 106.5" High
Approximate Weight: 15,000 Lbs
Machine is Made in Japan
** Very Good Condition & Appearance **
** Inspect Under Power in our Harrison, N.J. Warehouse **