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PIPE MACHINERY (Also See Threaders)

Wall Turek & Heller Pipe Mill, 2" -5" x 3/8" , complete

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Wall Turek & Heller Pipe Mill, 2" -5" x 3/8" , complete
3.0" O.D. x .220" wall
Model No. WU-45
Consisting of:
10,000lb. Cap Double End Uncoiler, 4 Leaf Hydraulic Expansion Motorized,
Air Clutch Disc Brake, Hydraulic Rotation,
Peeler Hold Down Roll, Serial# J1478, Knife type Peeler,
Top and Bottom Hold Down Roll, Motorized Hold Down Roll,
Exit Edge Guide, 5 Roll Flattener, 14" Roll Face, 6" Diameter Roll,
Entry Pinch Rolls, Entry Edge Guides, 10 HP AC Motor, Hydraulic Open/Close for Rolls.
Exit Edge Guide, Automatic Shear End Welder, Hydraulic Shear and Clamping, 13" Wide Shear Blade,
Entry and Exit Hold Down, Single Torch Weld, Turek & Heller Forming Mill, 4 1/2" Dia Spindles,
Universal Drive, Entry Pull Out Stand, 2 Sets Edge Guides, 5 Forming Stands, 3 Fin Pass Stands,
7 Side Idle Roll Stands, (2)75HP DC Motors. Welding Unit, Entry Seam Guide, 2 Roll Weld Box,
2 Scarfing Stands, Exit 3 Roll Weld Pressure Rolls. 3 Sizing Stands, 4 1/2" Dia Spindles,
3 Side Idler Rolls Stands, 4 Roll Double Sided Turks Head, 75 HP DC Motor.
Electrics, ABB Digital Drives, Model# ACS 600, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC.
Includes: 2 Spare Gear Boxes, Side Clevis's, 1 Box of Misc. Spare Parts, 2 Hydraulic Units.
Operator Push Button Control Panel, Allen Bradley PLC Panel View 1000.

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