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Pero #2500-1N, cleaning + degreasing system, 1996

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Pero #2500-1N, cleaning + degreasing system, 1996

Pero Model 2500-1N Cleaning System

Machine Mfg

Model #

External Plant Dim:
74” W X 108” D X 112” H

Transport Weight

Basket Dimensions:
21.8” L X 14.3” W X 9.8” H

Basket Weight

Ave Cleaning Duration for Steel
4 minutes per 110 lbs.

Ave Perchlorethylene distillation vote
58 gal/hour

Electrical Connections with Elec Heating
38 KVA

Supply Voltage

Control Voltage
230/24 DC

Cooling Water
3.9 gal/min

Year of Mfg.

Note: this unit will require a chiller rating of 30KW, 7.5 tons. A chiller is not included with this system.

PERO Automatic Cleaning & Degreasing Systems

· Closed loop vapor degreasing with sub-zero drying technology and sophisticated PLC control.

· Rotary basket system with immersion, flooding, rinsing, ultrasonic and vapor cleaning cycles.

· Continuous distillation and filtration ensures the highest level of cleanliness.

· Fully integrated parts handling system using automatic conveyors.

· Cleaning cycle times as low as 5 minutes.

· Complies with the federal NESHAP's and state and local regulations for hazardous air pollutants.

· Ultra low emissions and economical solvent consumption using EPA approved solvents.

· Built to CE standard to ensure safety compliance.

· 30 years experience in design and manufacture of closed loop degreasers

· Over 3000 systems installed worldwide.

The machine cycles are wash, liquid wash, liquid rinse, hot vapor degrease, cold air dry.

This system has an internal distiller and a vapor sump. Waste products are pumped from the vapor sump into a storage tank.

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