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DEGREASERS (Also See Washing Machines)

Serec Corp. twin basket zero emission degreaser

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Serec Corp. twin basket zero emission degreaser
Serec Corp Twin Basket Zero Emission Degreaser

New 1998
24x24 rotating baskets
Auto opening/closing tanks
Allen Bradley panel view 550 HIM
Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 CPV
ACX Fincor VFD motor controllers
Kinney Tuthill KT-170 LP vacuum pump
Trueton by Schreiber chiller- 10 tons
Model 2000
AC, 440 volts
Serial number 4860
Refurbished 2010
Still and clean tanks

Solvent capacity: 440 gallons
Material construction carbon steel
Cycle time (door to door) 21 minutes
Load capacity 200 lbs
Degreaser #1 tank volume 24.5 cubic ft
Degreaser #2 tank volume: 24.5 cubic ft
Vapor supply tank capacity 400 gallons
Solvent holding tank capacity 660 gallons
Distillation tank capacity 100 gallons
Distillatio0n rate 1.0 gpm
Liquid ring pump: Kinney vacuum model KLRC 75
Rotary piston pump: Kinney vacuum model KT170LP
Booster pump: Kinney vacuum model KMBD400
Circulation/spray pump: Goulds model NPE1ST=1G53B
Solvent Transfer pump: Sandpiper EB1-1/2SM type TC-1-S with Vilton Diaphram
Cooling water package: Schreiber chiller model # 2000AC/460V/3 phase
Electrical service: 480 VAC/3 phase/60 Hz/50 Amps
Steam service: 325,000 Btu/hr @ 50 PSIG
Cooling water service: 25 GPM @ 60 degrees F
Water quality: City quality
Air service: 100 CFM @ 100 PSIG
Skidding/loading fee at time of sale