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275 KW Onan #DFBF, w/Cummins NT855, enclosed w/DW base tank, digital panel, CB, SBC, low hours, nice, 480 V.

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275 KW Onan #DFBF, w/Cummins NT855, enclosed w/DW base tank, digital panel, CB, SBC, low hours, nice, 480 V.
One (1) Reconditioned Onan model DFBF diesel electric generator set. The generator set is standby/continuous rated at 275KWe/343.7S Kva, 480/277 volt, 3-Phase, 4-Wire wye, 60Hz at 1800 RPM.
The generator set is complete with the following: Engine/Generator & Radiator mounted on a common structural steel base frame Cummins NTA8SS series heavy duty diesel engine
Onan single bearing generator, class H insulation, 12 lead re-connectable
Closed loop unit mounted radiator with engine driven fan drive
All standard engine pumps; lube oil, jacket water and fuel oil
All standard engine filters; combustion air, lube oil, fuel oil and jacket water coolant.
Onan Power Command 3100 Series Control Panel with Analog AC meters, Digital Engine Monitor & Control, Local & Remote/ Autostart Control.
Electronic precision governor
Solid state voltage regulator
24VDC electric start
24VDC engine driven charging alternator
Battery rack & cables set New 4D series heavy duty lead acid batteries
Standard engine safeties and pre-alarms
Standard engine monitor of oil pressure, jacket water temperature, DC charging amps
Mainline circuit breaker (480V, 3-Pole) mounted & cabled to generator terminals
Engine jacket water heater
Built-In "Spring" vibration isolators, 4 points, between engine/generator and base frame
Exhaust Flex connection
Exhaust silencer mounted with rain cap termination
All exhaust mounting hardware
Unit Mounted Weather-Proof Outdoor Shelter, unit mounted, with louvers and access panels
Static battery charger, LaMarche 120VAC input/24VDC output mounted & wired
Power Command Remote Annunciator Panel (shipped loose)
Engine /Generator inspection and service with fresh fl}lids &filters
New drive belt(s); radiator fan drive-charging alternat6r
Generator set full load test, 1 hour at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% load on 15 minute interval
Interior Engine/Generator detergent wash
Exterior Radiator core pressure wash
Generator Set Operator/Service Manual
Dimensions & Weight:
Length: 142” X Width: 50” X Height: 110” Weight: Dry 10,000 lbs. Wet with Fuel: 15,000 lbs. (est.)
Contact Pennsylvania Power Corporation for any questions at:

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