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40 Ton, Whitney #3400XP, Hypertherm HT2000, 60" x140" work.area, some tlng included, '06

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40 Ton, Whitney #3400XP, Hypertherm HT2000, 60" x140" work.area, some tlng included, '06
Large 60” x 140” (1500 x 3500mm) Working Area
•      Heavy duty drives and work clamps move work pieces up to 1,000 lbs (450kg).
•      Material moves in X direction, punch and plasma torch move in Y direction. This prevents the work piece from “whipping”, and helps maintain accuracy on even the heaviest work pieces.
•      Maximum rapid speeds are achieved in all work piece weights.
Nine Station Tool Changer
•      Fast, simple tool changer design
•      Any size tool fits any station – up to 5.00”/127 mm diameter.
40 Ton Hydraulic Punching
•      Double acting hydraulic cylinder keeps punch from “sticking” in work piece.
•      Hydraulic clamping and stripping keeps material flat.
•      Punches are hydraulically clamped in the cylinder to maintain precise and consistent alignment.
Uses 36TC Tooling Style
•      Tools can be set-up off line – while the machine is running; tooling cartridges are quickly exchanged on the X-axis rail.
•      Fast, easy set-up. Springs hold most components in place with few fasteners.
•      Most Whitney 36TC tooling is available for fast (same-day) shipment.
State-of-the-Art Plasma Cutting Systems from Hypertherm
•      Hypertherm HT2000 HyPerformance systems
o      Highly accurate, laser-like quality
o      HT2000 provides incredible cutting speeds in thick material.
o      Long Consumable Life
•      RAMPAGE!
o      Very economical system – low operating costs
•      Either process can be used to process Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum.
Standard Automated Part Removal
•      24” x 60” (600 x 1500mm) drop table removes parts automatically.
•      Part detection system ensures that parts are removed.
•      Average part removal time of only 2.5 seconds
•      An optional conveyor brings parts to the operator as they are cut.


Dust Collector: Included

Random Assortment of 36TC Tooling will come with unit

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