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Giddings & Lewis Winslomatic #HC, 1.5" diameter, 1996, #149215

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GIDDINGS & LEWIS "Winslowmatic" Drill Grinder
Model: HC S/N: 940-00690-96 New: 1996

Drill point type and capacities:
conventional point 1/16" to 1.5" diameter
helical point 1/16" to 1" diameter
racon point 1/16" to 1" diameter
split point 1/16" to 0.5" diameter
pyrcon (four facet) 1/16" to 1 diameter
Grinding wheel size 12" diameter x 5" bore x 0.75" face
Drill point included angles from 90° to 140°
Approximate weight: 1,200 lbs.


Capability to handle all types of 2-fluted, right hand drills
Lip clearance angle adjusted from the operator's control console
Point angle varied from by angular adjustment of workhead
Cam action-generated rotary motion in all three axes set at the operator's control console
Built-in cam-formed wheel dresser
Bellows airfeed attachment
Work light

1/8 H.P. coolant pump motor
.25 H.P. workhead motor
1 H.P. grinding wheel drive motor and electrical controls
3/60/230 or 460 volt input

Condition: Excellent

F.O.B. Harrison, NJ