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50000 PPH Babcock & Wilcox, 400 psi, low NOx, gas/#2 oil, new

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50000 PPH Babcock & Wilcox, 400 psi, low NOx, gas/#2 oil, new
Nationwide Boiler's low NOx 50,000 pph Babcock & Wilcox D type package watertube boiler, model FM10-66 is designed at 400 psig saturated steam, and is set to burn natural gas. It is fully piped and wired and includes the following components:
Power Flame Low NOx Burner CMAX Model CM13-6-40 with Induced FGR
NEMA 4X Control Panel with Siemens LMV52 System
Parallel Positioning Combustion Controls with O2 Trim
Forced Draft Fan, 100HP TEFC Motor with VFD
Complete NFPA Fuel Train & Pilot Ignition System
Water Column & Site Glass
Steam Pressure Gauge
Low-water Cutoffs
Safety Valves Set at 400psig
Feedwater Stop & Check Valves
Blowdown Valves
Continuous Blowdown Metering Valve
Chemical Feed Valve
Fisher Feedwater Control Valve with Pre-piped
3-Valve Bypass
NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosures
Meets FM, NFPA 85 & IRI Insurance Standards
Weatherproofed (except for freezing)
Ultra Low NOx CataStak” SCR System (optional)
EconoStak Economizer (optional)
Stack/FGR Ductwork (optional)
O&M Manuals with Drawings

Fuel Consumption:      
Natural Gas:      66.9 MCFH @ 10 psi regulated
Connection Sizes:      
Main Steam:      8"-300# FLG
Natural Gas:       3"-150# FLG
Feedwater:      2½"-300# FLG
Bottom Blowdown:      1½"-300# FLG
Continuous Blowdown:       1"-300# FLG
Chemical Feed:      ½"-300# FLG
Instrument Air:      ¾" NPT
Water Column:       1¼"-300# FLG
Electrical Power Service Requirements:
480 VAC, 3 ph, 60 hz, 150 AMPS      
Dimensions & Weights:       
Length / Width / Height:      20' 2" / 10' 11" / 13' 2"
Shipping Weight:      75,300 lbs
Operating Weight:      91,900 lbs
Emissions Data (natural gas):       
NOx (corr. to 3% O2):      30 ppm
CO (corr. to 3% O2):      50 ppm
VOC:       0.004 lb/mmbh

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