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GEAR HOBBING MACHINERY (Hobbers), For Bevel, Helical, Spur & Worm Gears

Liebherr #L402, 17.7" maximum , 3.2 DP, 3.937" bore, 11.8" hob slide, 1979

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Liebherr Model L-402 Vertical Gear Hobber with Crowning

S/N: 0454/8                  New: 1979

Capable Of Cutting Spur And Helical Gears. Crowning. Infinitely Variable Hydraulic Radial Feed. Hydraulically Actuated Tailstock Arm. Axial Feed Infinitely Variable. Differential For Hobbing Helical Gears. Automatic Cycle For Climb Or Conventional Hobbing. Rapid Traverse For All Setup Motions. Coolant Unit With Pump. Automatic Hob Shift. Large Quantity of Change Gear. Magnetic Chip Conveyor. Transformer. Levelling Pads.

Maximum workpiece diameter with hob diameter 7.5": 15.75"
Maximum workpiece diameter with hob diameter 5": 17.7"
Maximum pitch (86,000 PSI steel) 3.2 DP
Maximum hob slide travel (standard) 11.8"
Work table diameter 16.5"
Master worm wheel, pitch diameter 15.9"
Table bore diameter 3.937"
Minimum distance between hob and table center 1.18"
Maximum distance between hob and table center 11.81"
Maximum hob dimensions: diameter 7.56"
Maximum hob dimensions: length 9.84"
Maximum hob shift travel 7.87"
Hob spindle speeds (infinitely variable) 60-480 RPM
Machine weight 21,000 lbs
Total connected power, approximately 24 HP