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Lincoln System 40 Weld Cell, Fanuc ArcMate 120I, RJ3 Control, Refurbished

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Lincoln System 40 weld cell – Refurbished
Refurbished Lincoln System 40 robotic welding cell mfg. by Genesis.
Includes pneumatic horizontal 180 degree oscillating turn table.
Includes refurbished Fanuc Arcmate 120i with RJ3 control.
Includes Lincoln Powerwave 455M welding power supply with ArcLink.
Includes updated safety control system with dual-channel safety monitored system PLC, light curtains, and interlock. Includes operator station mounted to system guarding.
Robot to be completely serviced including drives purged and greased, repeatability test, full inspection of cables and internal components, professional paint job, batteries replaced, robot re-mastered (calibrated).
Includes Optional Lincoln Powerwave 455M welding power source, air-cooled torch, torch mount and disconnect, and feeder. System tested and verified.

Pricing includes base software license transfer - ArcTool. Price does not include software options or Fanuc phone support. Options quoted upon request.