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2000 KW EMD #16-567 C-DF MP26 electric generator pwr plant HFO, encl, 4160 V.

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2000 KW EMD #16-567 C-DF MP26 electric generator pwr plant HFO, encl, 4160 V.
This is a ready to go Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Electrical Power Prime power plant. It includes 2
HFO EMD 16-567 Engines and 1 Control House. Do you need a steady source of 4160 or 2400 Volts
and don't have a substation near you? Here you go. The engines in this package are the tried and
true Electro Motive Division (EMD for short) 16 cylinder model 16-567 CDF and turn at only 720 RPM.
This package includes the two EMD engines in separate, sound attenuated enclosure and a separate
control house. These units are designed to run long term and have under 26,000 hours on each
engine! Buy this power plant for a fraction of a new 2 MW Generator price!

This listing includes both containerized engines and a control house.

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Electro-Motive Division (EMD) 2 MW Package
Model MP 26
Package Date: Feb. 1960
Ser# 1 P2-63007
Ser# 2 6300-6

EMD Engine Specifications:
Model: 16-567-C-DF
RPM: 720
Fuel: Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Diesel
Cylinder Count: 16
Serial # Engine 1 59-L-27
Hours Engine 1: 25,483
Serial# Engine 2: 59-L-13
Hours Engine 2: 22,680

Generator Specifications:
Brand: EMD
Model: A-11
KVA Rating: 1250 per generator (2 included)
KW: 1000 per generator (2 included)
Voltage: 2400 / 4160
Prime Power Rated
RPM: 720
Serial # Generator 1: 59L-1
Serial # Generator 2: 59K-2

Control Enclosure:
EMD Model MC26
Serial# 6000-2
Includes Circuit Breakers, Paralleling Gear, and Engine Controls.

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