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Cam #NCX, tray packer, forming/filling machine, vertical/horizontal or on edge, #39254

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One (1) used Cam tray packer, model NCX, the forming and filling machine model NCX has been designed to meet the packaging requirements of products in box or display-box, to be displayed on sale centers, these presentations are particularly suited for multiple packing of pharmaceutical, food and confectionery products, this machine handles open blanks picked up from a high capacity magazine, forms them on three sides and moves them to the filling station, products, collated by modular feeding systems in the presentation required, are inserted into the box which is then closed on the fourth side, boxes with lid are also available, box closure is carried out in consecutive steps by means of hot-melt glue seal, products to be handled can have regular shape and dimensions (sticks and small cartons, jars, bottles, vials, banded and not banded blisters, snacks, chocolate bars in flow-pack etc.) and can be inserted either in vertical or horizontal position or on edge, product automatic feedin...