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Cincinnati #315-16, vert.indep.pwr.overarm, 18x68" tbl, 3-axis DRO, v/good, 1980, #5452

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We are pleased to offer, subject to prior sale and our conditions of sale, the following for your consideration:

Pre-Owned CINCINNATI #315-16 Horizontal Mill w/ Vertical Independently Powered Overarm E Series 1980 Vintage S/N 11A3UIAKE46

General Specifications, Approximate
Subject to verification

Table size                    18” x 68.5”
Longitudinal travel             32”
Cross travel                   15”
Knee travel                   16”
Spindle speeds             (24) 16to 1600 RPM
Feeds                         (12) 3/8 to 90 IPM
Taper in spindle             #50
Main motor                   15 HP, 220/440V
Approx weight             12,000#
Approx dimensions             108”L x 88”W x 80”H

Complete With

•      Power overarm has 8 speeds, 100 to 1500 RPM, 5HP main motor
•       Acu-rite 3 axis digital readout
•      Hardened & ground knee ways
•      3 way feeds and independent power rapid traverse
•      Arbor support
•      Universal table
•      Coolant pump

Condition: Runs very well, appears to be in very good condition, ways look very good!

Inventory #5452

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