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750 KW Cummins Onan station dby, 938 KVA, 3 ph., vari-voltage, enclosed, s/n #G950581761

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Cummins Onan Generator Genset - Diesel

*This generator was used as one of two standby generators for a university building. It is in beautiful, good-working condition guaranteed. It was up and in operation until a few weeks ago when we disconnected it for shipment. The maintenance department at the university mentioned the only hours on it were most likely test hours. This generator has a digital readout, and we had it disconnected before the hours could be determined. The second generator we acquired from the same location had 1600 hours on it and was installed at the same time. Our estimate is that this generator has 1600 hours or less. A new battery was installed three years ago.

*Any interested buyers are welcome to inspect the generator by appointment in East Chicago, IN. All shipping costs can be determined prior to sale. We have a great rigger with very reasonable prices, but customer is more than welcome to bring in own service. Weight and dimensions are listed below.

~Overall Enclosure Dimensions: 118" H x 103" W x 30' 5" L
~Weight: approx. 30,000 lbs.
~Model No. 750DFJA
~Serial No. G950581761
~Spec. No. 76912L
~Service Rating: Standby
~750 KW / 938 KVA
~3 Phase, 60 Hz.
~1800 RPM
~PF: 0.8 / 1.0
~BAT: 24
~Variable Voltage & Amp Outputs:
3 Phase Volts Amps
120/208 2602
127/220 2460
139/240 2255
240/416 1301
254/440 1230
277/480 1128
120/240 2255


~Model No. KTA38-G1
~Engine No. 33131128
~Date Manufacture: July '95
~HP Rating: 940 HP @ 1500 RPM, 1135 HP @ 1800 RPM
~Idle Speed: 575-650