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Fadal #VMC4020, remanufacture CNC VMC, 10k RPM, new control, 2005

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Fadal #VMC4020, remanufacture CNC VMC, 10k RPM, new control, 2005   Click for video
Fadal VMC-4020 CNC Vertical Machining Center

Manufacturer: Fadal
Model: VMC4020
S/N: 01200496839
Year: 2004

Table      47.94" x 20"
Max Table Load      1000 lbs
Spindle nose to table top      4-24"
X-axis Travel      40
Y-Axis Travel      20"
Z-Axis Travel      20
Rapid Travel      400 ipm
Spindle Taper      CAT-40
Spindle Speeds      0- 10000 RPM
Spindle motor      20HP
Tool Changer Capacity      21 stations
Max tool weight      15 lbs
Machine weight      10500
Machine dimensions      116" x 87" x 104"H

Equipped With:
10K RPM Spindle
Rigid Tap
High-Speed CPU
Flat Panel Display
4th axis pre-wire
RS232 Port

Indepth Description:
These machines are being rebuilt by the original members of the Fadal® Reman Division and are held to the same high standards as a new machine.

Fadal® Remanufacture Process

1. Remove sheet metal, sandblast, and powder coat
2. Remove saddle and table
Re-apply Turcite® saddle and table
Install new Waylube® system
Install new copper Waylube® line
Install new table straps
Install new saddle straps
Install new adjustable gibs
3. Remove Head
Re-apply Turcite® to Head
Install new Waylube® system
Install new copper Waylube® line
Install new head straps
4. Inspect 'ways' and reground if needed
5. Remove tool changer and replace all bad parts
6. Clean electrical box and power box
Inspect power cables and replace if necessary
Inspect logic cables and replace if necessary
Control upgrade -5 system
Install new axis motors for X,Y, and Z
Install new axis AMPS for X,Y, and Z
Rebuild spindle motor or install new motor
Rebuild inverter or install new inverter
Inspect all contacts and power board
7. Inspect spindle and mechanical system
Rebuild spindle
Install new motor mounts
New 'pozi' belts
Rebuilt idler assembly and Drabar® system
8. Inspect ball screw assembly
Rebuild ballscrew or install new if needed
New X,Y, & Z bearings
9. Inspect way covers
Repair and/or install new rubber wipers X,Y, and Z or install new way covers
10. Flycut and scrape table
11. Inspect laser and ballbar
12. Install rebuilt sheetmetal and new Lexan® windows & Fadal® stickers
13. Initiate 24-hour break- in cycle

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