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CENTERING MACHINES (Milling & Facing & Centering Machines)

6-1/4" x 27" Hey #3, auto cycle, air vises, (2) 5 HP heads, 1974

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stock number 16896
Hey No. 3 Double End Facing & Centering Machine

Serial # 2824-430
Year of Manufacture Approx. 1974

Max. Work Diameter Held in Standard Vise 6.25 in
Min. Work Diameter .25 in
Max. Work Length 27 in
Length Min. (Held in One Vise) .75 in
Min. (Held in Two Vises) 3 in
Max. Diameter Admtted 21 in
Length of Fine Adjustment to Cutter 2 in
Feed Range (4) .001 to .035 ipr
Max. Diameter of Facing with Standard Cutters 5.12 in
Spindle Speed Range (15) 65 to 1430 rpm (One Set of Gears Supplied)
Spindle Drive Motor (2) 5 HP A.C.

Approx. Machine Dimensions 96 in x 41 in x 77 in

Equipped With:
Automatic Work Cycling Controls
Automatic Trip
Air Operated Vises, Self Centering
Vise Jaws
Coolant Pan & Piping, Missing Pump