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No. TG12x3 Royal Master, centerless grinder, #5127

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No. TG12x3 Royal Master, centerless grinder, #5127
Manufacturer: Royal Master
Model: TG-12x3
S/N: 1977
Year: 1991

Infeed & Thrufeed      0.004"- 1 1/2"
Length      12' On 1/2" Diameter
Max. Grinding Wheel Size      12" x 3" Wide
Min. Grinding Wheel Size      10" x 1/4" Wide
Max. Regulating Wheel Size      6" x 3" Wide
Min. Regulating Wheel Size      1/4" Wide With Spool
Grinding Wheel Speed      2,040 RPM
Regulating Wheel Speed (Variable)      25- 480 RPM
Regulating Wheelhead:      
Max. Angle Of Tilt For Thrufeed      6 Degrees
Max. Swivel For Taper Grinding      5 Degrees
Dimensions )L x W x H)      48" x 24" x 52"
Weight      2,800 Lbs.

Equipped With:
Automatic Thrufeed Attachment
Automatic Sizing
Hydraulic Dressers
One Shot Lube System
Coolant System
Horsepower: 7 1/2

Location: Huntington Park,CA