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MEASURING MACHINES (Including Coordinate Measuring Machines CMM's)

JMar Mirage #S2610-01, video CMM II, non-contact, auto, 3-Axis, 1999

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JMar Mirage #S2610-01, video CMM II, non-contact, auto, 3-Axis, 1999
JMar Mirage No. S2610-01, Video CMM II, Non-Contact, Auto, 3-Axis, 1999
Stock number: 30386

Serial No. 1014 New - 2000

The Mirage Automatic Vision and Laser Measurement System Provides High
Accuracy Measurement in a Compact Tabletop Model.
High Magnification Platform Stability, Stage Accuracy, and High Resolution Make the Mirage the Perfect Choice for Measurement and Process Control. This System is Ideal for Inspection of Such Parts and Components as: TAB-tape, Ball Grid Arrays (BGA), Flex Circuits, Head Gimbal Assemblies (HGA), Lead Frames, Sliders (Pole Trip and Gap Measurement), Wire Bonding (Weld Bonds or Ball Bonds), Wire Loop Height, Wafer Critical Dimensions (CD).

X-Y Stage Travel 10" X 4"
Z-Axis Travel - Fine Focus 2"
Z-Axis Height Adjustment - Manual 8"
Optical Supports Micro or Macro Optics
Magnification Capacity Up to 3000X
Illumination Source 3 Ch. Digital Light Control
Illumination Type Transmitted & Incident
Stage Resolution and Accuracy - Resolution 1 uM
Stage Resolution and Accuracy - Repeatability <1 uM
Stage Resolution and Accuracy - Accuracy 3 uM
Electrics 120/220V / 1 Phase / 60Hz
Computer Hardware IBM Pentium Class PC
Computer Display SVGA Color Monitor

*Preliminary Specifications Subject to Verification.

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