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Lakso #71, auto.twin head cottoner, 200 bottle/minute, 28" x 3-1/4" screw infd, up to 26 grams inverted U configuration, 1 HP, #38586

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One (1) used Lakso Model 71 Automatic Twin Head Cottoner, Capable of speeds up to 200 bottles per minute, Has 28" x 3 1/4" screw infeed, Can use natural or synthetic cotton up to 26 grams in inverted "U" configuration, Has a no cotton sensor and pneumatic reject station on discharge, Has factory controls, elevating cottoning head safety cover with electro-mechanical safety interlocks, 72" x 3 1/4" conveyor discharge with variable speed drive and table top chain, mountedon four threaded legs with vibration dampening floor pads, 1 hp, 3/60/480V, (PRICE INCLUDES 15% BUYERS PREMIUM).