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Techno LC " X" Series 59144, router with Ryno Cam Basic software, 2008

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Techno LC " X" Series 59144, router with Ryno Cam Basic software, 2008
Techno offers 9 models of the LC"X" Series CNC Router. The LC"X" machine is designed to meet large format routing applications. The frame construction consists of large heavy steel tubing that is welded and stress relieved. This heavier frame design provides a rigid foundation for the machine, thus resulting in superior machine performance. In addition, the machine's standard drive components consist of ball screws on all three axes with high speed closed-loop servo motors and drives. The machine features axial locking braces, steel backing members and nine-inch gantry clearance (with 12.7" z-axis stroke). This new series machine is made to complement the LC Series in that it has an excellent price to performance ratio and is an excellent choice for any size shop or company with large format cutting applications.

Router Configuration
Number of Axes       3-axis
Frame Construction       Gantry
X-axis Travel       59.00 inch
Y-axis Travel       144 inch
Z-axis Travel       12.70 inch
Repeatability       1.00E-3 inch
Resolution       2.00E-4 inch
Maximum Speed       800 in/min
Features       Multiple Spindles; Tool Changer; Vacuum Table

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