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UNCOILERS, Including Reels, Centering

10000 lb. Perfecto, 42" W, coil reel & straightener combo, .145" x 42", #4252M

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Coil Reel Model No. RS-10-42B
Four leaf mandrel with heavy duty wedge type hydraulic expansion
Coil keeper arms
Threading drive for jog forward and reverse
Electric drag brake with adjustable tensioning and controller
Self contained hydraulic unit
Traveling coil load car with powered lift and travel
Narrow coil supports on coil car

Powered Straightener Model No.: 38-42-7
Entry and exit pinch rolls with air operated upper pinch roll adjustments
Seven straightening rolls x 3.8 inch diameter
Independent upper straightening roll adjustments
Hand crank adjustable stock width edge guides
Inclined straightening head
Stock peeler/hold down station
Stock end-debender station for material threading assist
Motorized end wheel on coil hold down arm
Outboard air pressure regulators and gauges
AC Variable frequency drive and control package (480V)
Complete electrical schematic
Free standing electrical enclosure
Electrical safety disconnect
Common operator's control console for coil reel, car, threading, and powered straightener functions
Remote pendant control for jog forward and reverse
Automatic lubrication system
Three roll cascade loop support section
Auto/Run cycle
Remote pendant control for jog forward and reverse
Variable speed loop control arm assembly

New Laser variable speed loop control system with remote stand - consult sales for pricing
New exit thread table "bomb-bay" design custom length and pass line - consult sales for pricing
Matching used and new servo feeds available to complete line - consult sales for pricing