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GEAR SHAPERS (Also See Gear Cutters)

Fellows #64Y, 43" P.D., 50" swing, 7" stroke, 4-1/2" spindle, gears, #16432

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More Photos & Detailed Specs
738614.jpg738614.jpg 738614a.jpg738614a.jpg 738614b.jpg738614b.jpg 738614c.jpg738614c.jpg 738614d.jpg738614d.jpg
Hollow Spindle
Spur Guide
Coolant Tank/Pump
Gears for two of your jobs.
Motor and push button control.
Seven inch Stroke

Max. swing 50"
Max. Ext. Pitch Spur Diameter: 36"
Max. Ext. Pitch Helical Diameter: 36"
Max. Int. Pitch Spur Diameter: 43"
Max. Int. Pitch Helical Diameter: 43"
Max. Diameter Pitch, Spur: 4
Max. Face Width Int. & Ext.: 7"
Spindle: 4-1/2"
Distance from spindle top to spindle casting 12-1/8"
Floor space L 6' W 5-8" H7'-4"