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8" x 15.75" Studer #S20-12, int.spdl., auto.infeed & plunge, clnt, 1985

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8" x 15.75" Studer #S20-12, int.spdl., auto.infeed & plunge, clnt, 1985
8" x 15.75" STUDER No. S20-12, Int.Spdl., Automatic Infeed & Plunge, Clnt., 1985
Stock number: 29839

Serial No. 700.32 New - 1985

Actual Swing 8"
Distance Between Centers 15.75"
Center Height 3.94"
Table Speeds, Steplessly Variable 0.4 - 11.5 Ft./Minute
Table Travel 16.54"
Swivel of Table - Maximum 30 Degrees
Workhead Speed Range Steplessly Variable 60 - 1200 RPM
Workhead Spindle Nose #2 MT
Standard Size Grinding Wheel 12" x 1.18" x 5"
Wheelhead Speeds 1975/2200/2450 RPM
Depth of Plunge 0.75"
Rapid Advance & Retraction, Manually Operated 1.18"
Infeed with Handwheel .98"
Additional Travel of Wheelhead 6.69"
Wheelhead Swivels Left & Right (Total) 30 Degrees
Incremental Infeed, Steplessly Variable .00004" - .0016"/Stroke
Continuous Infeed, Steplessly Variable .00004" - .002"/Second
Tailstock Quill Taper #2 Morse
Tailstock Quill Travel 0.79"
Approximate Weight 2,500 Lbs.
Electrics with Controls 3PH,60 CYC,230/460 Volt Motor

Internal Grinding Spindle
Power Table Traverse
Automatic Infeed
Automatic Plunge Feed
Manual Rapid Approach by Lever
Feed at Left Hand Reversal
Cross Slide with Pre-Loaded Roller Bearings
Hydro-Dynamic Bearing System for Wheelhead Spindle
Infeed Rate and Table Speed Steplessly Variable
Automatic Elimination of Leadscrew Backlash
Coolant System

*Preliminary Specifications Subject to Verification.

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