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12" Fisher, globe valve, actuator, CS (WCC), Class 600 RF, 416 SST plug & seat, 17-4PH

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12” Fisher Globe Valve with Actuator, Carbon Steel Body (WCC), Class 600 RF, 416 SST Plug & Seat & 17-4PH, SST cage, Enviro-Seal Graphite Packing, 8" Diameter Port, Equal Percent Characteristic, ANSI Class 5 Shutoff, * 585C Double Acting Piston Actuator, size 68, Smart Positioner Model DVC 6010 "Hart communicating", Stainless Steel Tubing, Swagelock Fittings, * 1/2" 95H Air Supply Regulator, 3/4" type 262 Inlet Strainer, 2625 Volume Boosters for Fast Stroking Speed, Fail to the Closed Upon Loss of Air, *Fisher Model: EWT-12-WCC-600RF-T1-LLGP1-68- DVC6010/HC-SST-SWAG