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2000 Amps, Sq D, RKF36200U44A, 600V., S144A Micrologic 6.0A LSIG, S143A, S163A, S164A

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Square D PowerPact Breaker accessories:

We can supply these with almost any option that you may need and we have it all in stock.

S33659 24VAC Shunt Trip
S33661 120VAC Shunt Trip
S33670 120VAC Under Voltage Release
S29450 Auxiliary Switch
S47395 100/130 VAC Spring Charging Motor
S33542 Type R Rating Plug
S48818 Type A Rating Plug
S33100 12-Pin Trip Unit Connector for P- and R- Frame Circuit Breakers
S33093 1000A Sensor Plug
S33824 1200A Sensor Plug
S33095 1600A Sensor Plug
S33982 2000A Sensor Plug
S131A Micrologic 3.0 Trip Unit
S143A Micrologic 5.0A Trip Unit
S144A Micrologic 6.0A Trip Unit
S163A Micrologic 5.0P Trip Unit
S164A Micrologic 6.0P Trip Unit

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