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6" Fisher, segmented V-Ball valve w/actuator, C/S, class 150 RF, Alloy 6 metal seat

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6” Fisher Segmented V-Ball Valve with Actuator, Carbon Steel Body (WCC), Class 150 RF, Alloy 6 Metal Seat, PTFE V-Ring Packing * Spring & Diaphragm Actuator Model 1051, Size 40, Fail Open, Position 1, Style A, Smart Positioner Model DVC6020 "Hart Communicating" * Air Regulator Model 67CFR with Filter and Internal Relief, Stainless Steel Tubing, Swagelock Fittings. Fisher Model: V150-6-WCC-150RF-HD6-TA-1051-40-FO-1-A-DVC6020/HC-67CFR-SST-SWAG