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Myers #HV550/800AH-30-75-75, tri-shaft vacuum mixer, Stainless Steel shaft & blades, 60" x 48", 75 HP, 50 psi, jacketed, 1994, #33133

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One (1) used Myers tri shaft vacuum mixer, model HV550/800AH-30-75-75, stainless steel shaft and blades with 75 hp high speed disperser blade, 75 hp second high speed disperser blade, slow speed anchor agitator with bottom and side wall srape driven by 30 hp motor, unit is hydraulically driven with two 75 hp 230/460 volt and one 30 hp, 230/460 volt hydraulic power packs, approx. 60" diameter x 48" straight side, dish bottom tank rated 50 psi and full vacuum at 280 f internal, jacketed for 50 psi at 280 f, air over oil hydraulic lift with air tank, vessel certified by Royal Welding Fabricators, serial# 10445, national board# 227, Myers serial# 1214, new 1994.