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GEAR HOBBING MACHINERY (Hobbers), For Bevel, Helical, Spur & Worm Gears

Star #4HS, hob sharpener, serial #68-002, #1606

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Star #4HS, hob sharpener, serial #68-002, #1606
#1606 Star Hob Sharpener

Model: 4HS

Maximum Rated Work Diameter (Hobs or Cutters)      10"
Maximum Rated Work Length (Hobs or Cutters)      12"
Maximum Depth of Flute : 2"      

Max. Distance, Work Spindle Face to Tailstock Center      30.75"
Distance, Spindle Center to Platen      6.5"
Maximum Length of Table Travel      18"
Max. Table Strokes      12 SPM (Strokes/min) - 12"

Taper Hole in Work Spindle Nose      #11 Brown & Sharpe
Minimum Lead of Helix      26.35"
Maximum Angle of Sine Bar Setting      25 Degrees RH or LH
Maximum Angle of Wheel Setting      40 Degrees Right or Left
Maximum Vertical Wheel Adjustment      5"
Maximum Rake Adjustment      1" (Positive or Negative)

Max. Speed of Grinding Wheel Spindle      1800 RPM
Max. Dimensions of Grinding Wheel      10" Dia. x 1" x 1.25"

Machine Overall Dimensions (Approx.)      90"L x 41"W x 86"H
Machine Net Weight (Approx.)      4,400 lbs

Machine Electrics      220/480 volts / 3 phases / 60 cycles
Control Circuit Voltage      220 volts


Machine Condition: Excellent
Machine Location:

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