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Great Lakes (Arpac) #TSI-26, shrink wrapper, up to 40 ppm, up to 10" H & 20" W, serial #9098, #35737

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Used Great Lakes (Arpac) TSI-26 Shrink Wrapper, Automatic intermittent motion side seal wrappers are the most flexible compact automatic packaging machines on the market, The continuous side sealer, operating on demand, makes it ideal for use in short or extended production runs to wrap packages of infinite length, up to 10" high and 20" wide, The TSi26 wraps up to 40 packages per minute, center folded Polyolefin, PVC or Polyetheylene, Hot wire trim, 1/60/120V. Machine footprint 72" long x 60' wide x 64" tall, serial# 9098.