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Fischer #MFWS-1740, HSK-F63, high frequency spindle with drive system

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Fischer #MFWS-1740, HSK-F63, high frequency spindle with drive system
(1) Used Fischer Model MFWS-1740 HSK-F63, High Frequency Spindle with Drive System

Type MWS 13.5/10
380 Volt, 77 Amp, 666 Hz, 39600 Min-1, 2 Plole, 40 kW, 952092 Nr., Class B, 40,000 RPM
12” L x 7” Dia

Tool Clamping System             Hydraulic
Diameter                        170 mm
Length                              450 mm
Weight                              50 kg
Operating Postion                  Any
Sense of Rotation                  Left   Right
Max Speed                        40,000 RPM
Frequency                        1334 Hz
Power S1                        40 kW
Speed Fieldweakening             40,000 RPM
Torque S1                        9.55 Nm
Voltage S1 Max                   380 V
Current S1 Max                   83 A
Motor Type                        AC Async Triangle
Bearing Lubrication                  Oil-Air (DSL)
Frontseal Pressure                  2-3 bar
Spindle Cooling System             front   motor   rear
Spindle Cooling Medium             Waterbased Fluid
Spindle Shaft Cooling                  No
Speed Control                        Vector Control

Warner Electric R3000 High Frequenct Converter; S/N R072.615.02
ACOMEL SHS (Seletive Harmonic Supression) Type K3072T.380.3000
In: 3x 460 Volt, 120 Amp, 50/60 Hz

GC Industires, Inc. Model F30AC Ice Wagon, S/N F30AX9409111
460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, Use Freon 22

Hoffman A-16N16ALP Load Box

Hoffman A-3L30H2412LP Drive Box

Drive Belts and Hose

Specifications and Equipment are Preliminary, Subject to Buyer Verification.

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