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Krones #Canmatic, 18 station ion hot melt vertical labeler, up to 600 containers/minute, #33685

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One (1) used Krones Canmatic 18 station hot melt vertical labeler, capable of speed up to 600 containers/minute. Machine type 73 has a pitch of 126mm for a container size range: diameter 48mm to 113mm. label lize range: (length) 160mm to 365mm. With Krones Garantomat twin reel Krones Canmatic rotary glue labeler, Canmatic Serial #73-A99. electrics: 460volt, 60hz, 3ph, 25 amp12 approximate overall size: 96' L X 96' W X 108' H. right to left single precut label bed container range: 50mm To 110mm, up to 250 mm H label size range: 185mm To 355mm glue application height: 3mm To 280mm label magazine capacity: up to 9500 air requirements: 4 bar current bottle size: (.45) Liter.