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MG2 #G100, pre-weight capsule filler, 40 stations, up to 90000 capsules per hour, #32558

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One (1) used MG2 Pre-Weight Capsule Filler, Model G100. 40 stations, speed up to 90,000 capsules an hour. Designed for for dosing products for inhaling, with doses of 3 mg and above without any compacting. Products- Powder, Pellets, Microtablets, Tablets, Low Dosages Of Powder To Be Inhaled. Dosing- Powder   Tablet, Pellets   Tablet, Microtablets   Tablet. Includes an operator control panel. Mounted on a frame. Unit requires tooling. Machine Footprint 78?? long x 48?? wide x 78?? tall, serial# 4423.