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60" Glatt #GCX1500, coating pan, 316 Stainless Steel, (4) baffles, 500 liter drum cap, serial #101644, 1999, #32310

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Glatt Drum Coater, Model GC-X-1500, 316 Stainless Steel. 60' diameter x 55' deep pan with 23-1/2' wide screen section, and (4) baffles. Approximate 400 kg, 500 liter drum capacity, 1.5 to 15 drum rpm, temperature to 80 deg.c.. 23' diameter front opening. Unit includes a pump system with (5) Cole-Parmer Masterflex hose pumps, model 77495-00, each driven by a _ hp DC gear motor, and (5) Micro Motion Elite flow meters, model CMF025M321NU, all mounted on a portable cart with a control panel. (1) CarcoCaire air handler, model GCX-1500-ES, (1) Spray arm system, (1) Unloader, and (1) Coater control panel, serial# 101644, new 1999.