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Jones & Lamson #36" x72" , internal-external gage quality thread grinder

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Jones & Lamson #36" x72" , internal-external gage quality thread grinder
Jones & Lamson Internal-External Gage Quality Thread Grinder/Ref.#48-27
Model No 36” x 72”
Serial No. 150000

One of a kind machine specially designed and built for the U.S. Government to grind thread and ring gages and other parts to extremely close tolerances.

Jones & Lamson built and sold two of these machines to a Government arsenal. They found they didn’t need a second machine. It was hardly used, if at all, when we bought it.

Max. Work Swing:      36"
Max. Center Distance:      72"
Hole Size Thru Work Head:      4-1/2”
Taper Grinding:                              Internal & External
Work Head Speeds, Variable:                  5 – 20 RPM

Capacity: External Grinding      
Max. Thread O.D.:      27"
Max. Thread Pitch Dia.:      26"
Min. Thread Pitch Dia.:      0
Max. Thread Length:      60"
Max. Wheel Dia.:      20"
Helix Angles:       /- 10 Deg.

Capacity: Internal Grinding      
Max. Thread Pitch Dia.:      26"
Max. Thread Length:      24"
Max. Wheel Dia.:      14"
Helix Angles:       /- 15 Deg.      

Separate Internal and External Slide Away Grinding Heads

Pitches: Virtually any pitch, English or Metric can be ground by using standard J & L change gears

Equipped with:
Pantograph Type Form Wheel Dresses - Internal & External Spindles
Internal and External Relieving Capability
Complete Blue Prints and Operations Manual
Delpark - Olson Magnetic Coolant Filter
Single and Multiple Start Threads
Long and Short Internal Spindles
Auto Wheel Dressing Compensator
Fostrade Coolant Cooler
Backlash Compensator
36" Dia. Face Plate
Tailstock Assembly
Automatic Sizing
24" 4 Jaw Chuck
Change Gears

7 1/2 HP DC External Spindle Motor
3 HP DC Internal Spindle Motor
2 HP DC Headstock Drive

Machine Proper Weight, Approx.: 50,000 lbs.

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