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13'1" x 9'7" GEA Niro #F35, spray dry system, 304 Stainless Steel construction, 10'9" dp. cone bottom, 1999, #31362

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Used 13' 1" GEA Niro spray dryer, 13' 1" diameter x 9' 7" straight x 10' 9" deep cone bottom, 304 stainless steel construction, model F-35 Niro centrifugal atomizer driven by 40 HP AC motor, with VFD controller, Niro Atomizer gas fired hot air make up system, component size NP/111/140 with Maxon burner rated 29.92" of HG at 1000 F max operating temperature, 880,000 BTU/hour with New York Blower series 45, size 224 blower with 60 HP 3600 RPM motor, pulse jet dust collector with controls, project# 020-5412, installed 1999.